Last minute Mother's Day gifts to make her day

It's Wednesday night. Sunday is Mother's Day. And you're not ready.

No fear, there's still plenty of time to let your Mom know that you're thinking of her whether the distance is near or far. Here are three of my favorite "go-to's" when time is of the essence - and you don't have time to hit the stores.

Get her goat...soap, that is


























I met Josh and Brent, the proprietors of Beekman 1802, through our mutual friend Jamie Ranieri. Known as "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" on their reality TV series of the same name, they left New York City and moved upstate to run a goat farm. Sounds crazy, right? Well, as it turns out, it wasn't so crazy after all. Their products are now sold all across the country, and I love everything they do. Your Mom will especially like the goat's milk soaps, made from the milk of goats just steps away from their gorgeous farmhouse. This is seriously legit. I've seen the goats myself and even met Farmer John, who tends to them daily.







Give the gift...of giving

Kiva is a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. A couple of years ago, I gave my Mom a gift certificate which allowed her to learn about potential projects she could fund in order to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams no matter where they are.   It makes a great gift that allows your Mom to "shop" a list of projects and businesses she cares about most and make a difference for someone in need. Check out their site here and learn how it works.

Give her flowers...but not the kind you think























When I was at the March of Dimes, my then-boss and now-friend Robin Wexler introduced me to the wonders of the cookie bouquet. We used to order them as thank you gifts for VIPs and celebrities who helped with our mission of saving sick babies and ending premature birth. I still send them to this day when I want to remember someone's birthday, say thank you, or mark a special occasion. Your Mom will love them too! No need to try the imposters, go right to the originals here.