Zeke recommends: 3 things I'm loving right now

Run to Skip Hop for this outdoor blanket

Admittedly, the company that makes the "Central Park" outdoor blanket designs most of its products for children and parents. But here's the thing. Troy and I live on Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and we have been on the hunt for quite some time for a water proof outdoor blanket to take to the park with us. Alas, this is the best option. It zips tightly into an easy-to-carry tote that has a small insulated cooler attached. You can't fit much in it, but it's perfect for a few magazines, your Kindle, and whatever other electronics you don't want exposed to the elements while you're sunning.  Get it here.


Take a bite out of PeachDish

My partner Troy and I have tried several of the other "meals-on-the-go-you-prep-and-cook-yourself" services. Perhaps the best known, Blue Apron started out great, got us hooked, and then slowly over time seemed to send along sub-par ingredients. We quickly lost interest and even threw away a few meals as a result. Then we stumbled upon PeachDish, which as the name suggests is based in Georgia and includes southern ingredients used in new and interesting ways. It arrives once per week with two meals, ready to make with every ingredient you need - down to a dash of salt if the recipe calls for it. Our favorites so far include Roasted White Oak Chicken, Fennel & Radishes, Smoky Pepper Rigatoni with Mascarpone, and Warm Green Bean & Potato Salad with Olives & Peppers. The price is reasonable, and you can suspend the service for weeks you're not at home.  

Erno Laszlo gives good face























A few months ago, I received one of these in the gift bag at a charity event in New York City. It remained in the cabinet until one day I realized we were out of face soap in the shower and decided to give it a whirl. Wow! What we had been missing. It's made of Dead Sea mud and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed like none other. And what's even better is that it has lasted us nearly six months and we have only just now ordered a new one. It's a little pricey at $45 per bar, but with that kind of life, turns out it's actually not a bad deal. Mr. Porter, one of my favorite sites, offers it here.