Batch No. 20 - The Marty
Batch No. 20 - The Marty

Batch No. 20 - The Marty

$ 58.00

"Batch No. 20 is named for my friend Marty Brantley. I met Marty and his partner, Mike, on my first trip to New Orleans in 2002. (See Batch No. 19 for more about that.) Marty is one of the kindest, cattiest, and supportive friends you could ever hope to have. He and Mike are some of New Orleans' most beloved denizens, and I'm so honored to have them both in my life." - ZS

About the tie

  • Bow tie able to be adjusted for all neck sizes.
  • Ecru floral patter on a field of red
  • 100% cotton. Made in the U.S.A by hand.

      Pairs well with

      • Navy or tan suit for a professional weekday look.
      • Dark jeans and a crisp, well-fitted white shirt for a casual Friday or weekend look.